Factors Influencing Career Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction in Five Groups of Land Force Lieutenant-Colonels: A Targeted Follow-Up to the Army Climate and Culture Survey

Facteurs qui Conditionnent la Satisfaction et l’Insatisfaction sur le Plan Professionnel chez Cinq Groupes de Lieutenants-Colonels de la Force Terrestre: Suivi Ciblé du Sondage sur le Climat et la Culture de l’Armée de Terre


  1. McCreary, D.R.
  2. Febbraro, A.R.
  3. Bradley, P.
  4. Charbonneau, D.
  5. Villeneuve, M.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN);Royal Military Coll of Canada, Kingston ONT (CAN)
This study explored job satisfiers and dissatisfiers among 49 Army LCols in five MOCs (Combat Arms and Logistics). The study was in response to findings from The Army Climate and Culture Survey, where the LCol rank was highlighted as potentially disaffected. Quantitative results (using the JSS and WES) showed that the LCols were generally satisfied and very engaged in their work. Qualitative findings from a series of focus groups and e-mail responses revealed several job satisfiers (the opportunities to command, to influence the CF/Army, and to work with soldiers as mentors and educators; the intrinsic aspects of their work; and the extrinsic aspects of their work). However, the qualitative findings also revealed a series of dissatisfiers with regard to promotion (second language requirement, academic requirements, prior command requirement, the need to be placed in one or more A-jobs, excessive workload demands, the effects of promotion demands on family, and the Army Succession Planning Process), leadership (general leadership issues such as micro-managing, feeling free to question leaders, transformational vs. transactional leadership, and other organizational issues), general organizational issues, concerns about the post-command transition to a staff job, and concerns about workload, OPTEMPO, and quality of life. The study also asked LCols to suggest possible ways to address or fix their biggest dissatisfiers. Responses focused on the need to provide sufficient resources

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job satisfaction;Army Lieutenant-Colonel;Organizational culture;Job dissatisfaction
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DRDC-TORONTO-TR-2006-088 — Technical Report
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01 Jul 2006
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