Equipment and Measurements for Evaluating RF Performance Prediction at the SISWS Environment Modelling Trials


  1. Thomson, A.D.
  2. Riseborough, E.S.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Ottawa, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
A description is provided of the equipment used and the measurements performed at the Shipboard Integration of Sensor and Weapon Systems Environment Modelling trials for the purpose of evaluating the radio frequency prediction performance products created by the Shipborne Integrated Environment System for Tactics and Awareness. The measurement plans and data collections for four different radar systems are described, including examples. Radio frequency corner reflectors were used for both radar calibration and as known targets to aid in evaluating the performance predictions products. The main shore-based radar system failed prior to the start of the measurement period. As a result, the shore-based measurements required for evaluating the performance prediction products were made by a navigation radar. Overall, simultaneous shore-based and ship-based radar measurements were made at least 37 times in coincidence with the operation of the Shipborne Integrated Environment System for Tactics and Awareness under various environmental conditions. The preliminary analysis of the radar data presented in this report shows the signatures of several radio frequency targets, including a ship and small boats. Consequently, this data set should be sufficient for evaluating the radio frequency performance prediction products.

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SISWS (Shipboard Integration of Sensor and Weapon Systems);environment modelling;littoral;naval radar;navigation radar;RF;RF signature;sensor performance;ship visibility;trials;SIESTA (Shipborne Integrated Environment System for Tactics and Awareness)
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DRDC-OTTAWA-TM-2006-149 — Technical Memorandum
Date of publication
01 May 2006
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