Network Enabled Operations: The Experiences of Senior Canadian Commanders

Les Opérations Facilitées par Réseaux: Les Expériences des Commandants Supérieurs Canadiens


  1. Sharpe, J.
  2. English, A.
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Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN);KMG Associates, Kingston ONT (CAN)
In order to fully understand the nature of Networked Enabled Operations (NEOps) today, how Canadian networked operations differ from those in other countries and how NEOps might evolve in the future, it is essential to provide context for and to document recent Canadian experiences with networked operations. However, to date, very little has been written on the Canadian experience with NEOps, particularly at the operational level of command. A recent DRDC Contract Report, “Beware of Putting the Cart before the Horse: Network Enabled Operations as a Canadian Approach to Transformation,” provided some context for NEOps and noted that Canada has made significant contributions to the evolution of networked operations. It also noted that these contributions have not been well documented. This report begins the documentation of recent Canadian experiences with networked operations based on an analysis of interviews conducted during January and February 2006 with eight Canadian commanders who had recent experience with networked operations at the operational level of command. The analysis begins with a context for understanding NEOps; it then presents key issues raised in the interviews in a thematic format; and the analysis concludes by summarizing and synthesizing the key issues raised in the interviews.

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Networked Enabled Operations;Canadian Experiences;Network Enabled Operations;Lessons learned
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DRDC-TORONTO-CR-2006-112 — Contractor Report
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12 Jun 2006
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