Significant Documents from Canada's Former Special Weapons Programs: Brief Notes on SES Operations (June 1957)


  1. Langstroth, G.O.
  2. Clewley, R.G.
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Defence R&D Canada - Suffield, Ralston ALTA (CAN)
The contents of this publication were originally prepared in June 1957 by the outgoing Chief Superintendent of the Suffield Experimental Station (SES), G.O. Langstroth, as a set of briefing notes to provide his replacement, A.M. Pennie, with a broad overview of the work which had been undertaken at SES during the early and mid-1950s. Unlike Dr Langstroth and his three predecessors as Chief Superintendent, Mr Pennie had had no prior experience and little knowledge of “toxicological warfare” — he had previously served as an explosives researcher at the Canadian Armament Research and Development Establishment (CARDE) at Valcartier, QC, then as Secretary of the Defence Research Board (DRB) and Superintendent of the Defence Research Northern Laboratory (DRNL) at Churchill, MB. The contents of the briefing notes were originally SECRET or TOP SECRET. However, after the passage of half a century, none of the information is now in any way sensitive. Given that the notes were originally prepared for an intelligent, but nonspecialist, reader, they are being published at this time to cast some light on the nature of the past nuclear, biological, and chemical programs at Suffield. Aside from reformatting the material for this publication, changes have been limited to a handful of spelling corrections and a few clarifying emendations. Other historically significant, previously unpublished documents concerning Canada’s past special weapons programs (primarily those concerned with nu

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Suffield Experimental Station;Defence Research Board;Chemical weapons;Chemical warfare;Biological weapons;Biological warfare;Nuclear weapons;Atomic warfare;Flame weapons;Smoke weapons;Smoke devices;History
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DRDC-SUFFIELD-SP-2006-146 — Special Publication
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01 Dec 2006
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