Multi-National Experiment 4 on Effects Based Approach to Operations: CFEC Analysis Report


  1. Farrell, P.S.E.
  2. Allen, D.
  3. Burrows, P.
  4. Comeau, P.
  5. Hughes, S.
  6. Kachuik, J.
  7. Labbé, P.
  8. Lichacz, F.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Ottawa, Ottawa ONT (CAN);Canadian Forces Experimentation Centre, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
This report documents the Canadian analysis within Multinational Experiment 4 (MNE 4), and addresses the three Canadian Objectives that included the relevance of an Effects-Based Approach to Operations (EBAO), assessment of Multinational Interagency Group (MNIG) and Knowledge Support (KS) concepts for possible application to the Canadian Forces (CF) and other Canadian government departments. The report introduces the EBAO, MNIG, and KS concepts, provides an overview of the experimental design for MNE 4, and specifies the key Critical Operational Issues that were relevant to the Canadian Objectives. The results are summarized for each relevant COI. The discussion section addresses the Canadian Objectives in light of Canada’s International Policy Statement as well as MNE 4 assessments. The report concludes with a series of implications and recommendations for the CF. The main recommendation is for Canada to continue being engaged in EBAO research, concept development, and experimentation. It is critical that Canada keep abreast of the latest ideas and thoughts on this concept as our major allies (US and NATO) move toward adopting EBAO ideas. Moreover, it is now time to think about “Canadianizing” the EBAO concept such that it addresses Canada’s unique challenges and exploits unique opportunities.

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Report Number
DRDC-OTTAWA-TR-2006-230 — Technical Report
Date of publication
01 Dec 2006
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