Single High Fidelity Geometric Data Sets for LCM – Model Requirements


  1. Brennan, D.
  2. Koko, T.
  3. Mackay, K.
  4. Norwood, M.
  5. Tobin, S.
  6. Teng, E.
  7. Wallace, J.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Atlantic, Dartmouth NS (CAN);MARTEC Ltd, Halifax NS (CAN)
Over the past decade, the ship building industry has begun to develop and use Single Product Models (SPMs) for improving the management and efficiency of design, analysis and construction of commercial and naval vessels. SPMs are extensive single 3D CAD data models incorporating hull structure, propulsion, steering, piping, electrical, HVAC and other systems, which make up a complete ship. Ship classification societies and navies (most notably the USN in their DDX project) have ongoing R&D efforts to bring this technology to its full potential. This work involves leading software providers, including Tribon, Catia and ShipConstructor who are developing products, training and documentation to facilitate the use of SPMs by ship builders and design authorities. It is reasonable to expect that future DND vessels will be designed and built using SPMs. During this same period of time, DND has had an ongoing R&D effort in developing computer-aided ship data and analysis programs to improve the efficiency of Life Cycle Management (LCM - maintenance) of its fleet. Martec Ltd has been extensively involved in this work, most notably through the DRDC ISSMM (Improved Ship Structures Maintenance Management) Technology Demonstration Program which successfully demonstrated the concept of using a CAD-like database of the HALIFAX class along with advanced sea load and structural analysis methods to determine the effects of structural damage on a vessel’s ability to undertake intended operati

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DRDC-ATLANTIC-CR-2006-134;MARTEC-TR-06-18 — Contractor Report
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01 Nov 2006
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