Heat Stress Mitigation for Leopard 2C Tank Crew

Atténuation de l’Impact du Stress Thermique sur les Équipages des Chars Leopard 2C


  1. Jacobs, I.
  2. Michas, R.
  3. Limmer, R.
  4. Kerrigan-Brown, D.
  5. McLellan, T.
  6. Turbide, P.
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Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN)
The Directorate Armament Sustainment Programme Management requested DRDC support with the investigation and recommendation of "...technologies available to mitigate the effects of the heat stress expected for Leopard 2C crews operating in the Kandahar region of Afghanistan in summer." DRDC was asked to focus "...on technologies that are likely to be able to be delivered and installed by the beginning of June 2007." Candidate heat stress mitigation strategies, technologies, technical reports, scientific reports, and commercial product specifications were reviewed in light of the timelines and engineering constraints. It was decided to test a vapor compression liquid circulating product as a proof of concept that personal micro-climate cooling would significantly mitigate the anticipated heat stress challenge in theater. In addition, a specially designed solar heat dissipation textile was fitted to the exterior of the tank. The effects of these products was evaluated by monitoring the tank temperatures and the tank crew members' body temperatures, physiological and perceptual responses to a standardized heat stress. The heat stress involved exposure of the tank and crew members in the tank to an external air temperature of 44°C or 35°C and a simulated solar heat load of 1120 W/m2 in accordance with NATO STANAG 2895 which provides guidance on meteorological conditions that should be used for testing of materiel in accordance with the location in the world where the equipment w

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micro-climate conditioning;cooling garments;thermal stress;tanks;human performance
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DRDC-TORONTO-TR-2007-082 — Technical Report
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16 May 2007
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