The Relationship between Work-Life Conflict/Work-Life Balance and Operational Effectiveness in the Canadian Forces

La Relation entre le Conflit/la Conciliation Travail-Vie Personnelle et l’Efficacité Opérationnelle dans les Forces Canadiennes


  1. Pickering, D.I.
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Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN)
This report reviews studies that have been conducted on work-life conflict/work-life balance and its relationship to operational effectiveness. The majority of studies that are reviewed in this report focus on this issue within the Canadian Forces (CF). Where insufficient information exists within the context of the CF, information from other militaries is discussed. Most of the research that has been conducted focuses on work-to-life interference, where work has a negative impact on an individual’s personal life, in particular on the CF member’s family. For the purpose of this report operational effectiveness refers to turnover intentions, degree of work commitment, physical and psychological health and well being, unit attributes such as morale, readiness, cohesion, and performance. Findings from the studies reviewed suggest that work-life conflict/work-life balance is related to CF members’ decisions to leave or remain in the CF, to a variety of physical and psychological health outcomes, and to certain unit attributes. However, little research has been conducted on the relationship between work-life conflict/work-life balance and performance. The research that has been done has obtained inconsistent findings, making it difficult to determine whether these constructs are interrelated as theorized. Some initial research is presented suggesting that work-life conflict may mediate the PERSTEMPO-operational effectiveness relationship. Finally, future research directions

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Work-Life Conflict;Work-Life Balance;Operational Effectiveness
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DRDC-TORONTO-TR-2006-243 — Technical Report
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01 Dec 2006
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