FIRST Trial: Lemay park collection plan


  1. Turcotte, C.S.
  2. Puckrin, E.
  3. Lévesque, J.
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Defence R&D Canada - Valcartier, Valcartier QUE (CAN)
The company Telops has performed studies that indicate their FIRST system is capable of providing long-wave infrared (LWIR) airborne hyperspectral images. Defence R&D Canada – Valcartier (DRDC Valcartier), being interested in evaluating a possible Canadian high performance airborne hyperspectral imager, has started a collaborative effort with Telops with the goal to perform two field trials with the FIRST hyperspectral imaging system in airborne mode in order to determine its current capability as an airborne hyperspectral imager. The plan for the first trial is presented in this technical note. The trial will take place at Valcartier between December 3rd and 14th, 2007. During this trial, Telops FIRST hyperspectral long-wave infrared imager will be operated on an aircraft in a push-broom configuration to obtain hyperspectral imagery of the DRDC Valcartier Lemay park and a variety of installed targets. The ground experiments and ground truth are organized by DRDC Valcartier. Telops has the responsibility for the airborne instrumentation and the platform. During this trial, DRDC Valcartier will setup four small experiments: a gas plume detection experiment, a plastic plume experiment, a powdered chemical sensing experiment and an unexploded ordnance detection experiment. The main objective of this trial is to investigate the possibilities of detection and identification by the FIRST hyperspectral imager.

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DRDC-VALCARTIER-TN-2007-435 — Technical Note
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01 Dec 2007
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