CF Procedures and Practices Involving Information Aggregation

Procédures et Pratiques des FC Concernant l’Agrégation d’Informations


  1. Bandali, F.
  2. Bruyn, L.
  3. Vokac, R.
  4. Keeble, R.
  5. Zobarich, R.
  6. Berger, N.
  7. Rehak, L.
  8. Lamoureux, T.
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The operational effectiveness of the Canadian Forces (CF) depends on being able to make timely and appropriate decisions. Decision making can benefit from full knowledge of all variables involved in the decision. However in a practical setting, especially under time constraints, an individual rarely has access to all relevant information or may find it difficult to judge the reliability of all the information. To manage the information demands that arise out of complex situations, expertise is often divided among several people who are knowledgeable in their field, and therefore can contribute only what they know about a situation. Hence, information must be combined from several sources to compose the big picture before an appropriate decision can be reached. Good aggregation methods allow each expert to express their opinions and appropriately weigh each option to produce the final aggregated decision. The Canadian Forces (CF) actively engages in information aggregation related activities. In situations of peace, conflict and war, the CF carries out a series of sub activities performed by experts, automated systems, and groups representing a variety of disciplines. Successful mission accomplishment is dependent on aggregating the outcomes of these sub activities and executing accordingly to achieve strategic goals. Although CF operations exhibit information aggregation related activities, there is a lack of information regarding the aggregation methods currently used by the

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Information aggregation;Intelligence;Operations;CF doctrine
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DRDC-TORONTO-CR-2007-049 — Contractor Report
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01 Mar 2007
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