CRTI 02-0043TA – Accelerated Consequences Management Capabilities – Summary Report of Project Aims and Achievements


  1. Purdon, J.G.
  2. Mayer, M.D.G.
  3. Burczyk, A.F.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Suffield, Ralston ALTA (CAN)
An overview and summary of a recently-completed project, funded by the Canadian government’s CBRN Research and Technology Initiative (CRTI), to accelerate development of the Universal Containment System (UCS) is presented. This project, led by DRDC Suffield, involved the Licensee for the CASCAD® family of decontaminants/blast suppressants, Allen-Vanguard Corporation (AVC) and Environment Canada who reviewed environmental impact determinations. UCS is a containment/mitigation/decontamination system for CBRW agents consisting of a lightweight, tent-like enclosure filled with an aqueous-based foam formulation. One of the CASCAD® family of aqueous-based decontaminating/explosive mitigation formulations known as Surface Decontaminating Foam (SDF) has been developed to address CBR threats in the civilian arena and is a central aspect of this project. Foam phase SDF was demonstrated to be effective against neat mustard gas (HD) and the nerve agent, GD, in decontaminating five non-porous civilian substrates and to have utility in containing CW vapour from several of the seven contaminated porous surfaces studied. The effectiveness of liquid SDF was determined against two V, four G and HD CW agents as well as anthrax and T-2 mycotoxin and the decontaminant:agent ratios required for >99% effectiveness in one hour were determined by periodic reaction mixture analyses; all CW agents save T-2 were shown to be satisfactorily detoxified. SDF and CASCAD® were also demonstrated to be eff

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Summary;Achievements;Future Research;CRTI Charter;Consequences Management;Universal Containment System;BlastGuard;T-2 Mycotoxin;CBW Decontaminant;Surface;Decontaminating Foam;CASCAD®;Effectiveness;Blast Suppression;Liquid-Phase;Reactivity;Environmental Toxicities;Gelling Point;Civilian Surfaces;Field Trial;Allen-Vanguard Corporation;First Responders;CBRN R&D Initiative
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DRDC-SUFFIELD-TR-2006-162 — Technical Report
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01 Dec 2006
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