Development of a Dynamic Biomechanical Model for Load Carriage: Phase I Part A: Equipment Upgrades to Accommodate Dynamic Biomechanical Modeling


  1. Stevenson, J.M.
  2. Reid, S.A.
  3. Bryant, J.T.
  4. Hadcock, L.J.
  5. Morin, E.L.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN);Queen's Univ, Kingston ONT (CAN) Ergonomics Research Group
Part A of Phase I of the contract was to develop the instrumentation so that a dynamic biomechanical model could be developed. The specific objectives were: a) to develop Fastrak™ software for relative pack-person motion, b) construct smaller strap force gauges, c) build and calibrate a moment of inertia platform, d) modify the Load Carriage compliance tester to automate two degrees of freedom and e) create a full body mapping of mannequin. This report describes the purposes and outputs available from the pack-person motion (Section 2.0), describes the development, construction, calibration and protocol for use of smaller strap sensors (Section 3.0) and the moment of inertia platform (Section 4.0), and the development and steps involved in modifying the LC compliance tester (Section 5.0) and the mannequin mapping (Section 6.0). For the most part, tasks were developmental and construction-based with no data analyses, other than to confirm the accuracy and precision of the instrumentation. This report deals only with Part A consisting of five sub-parts of the contract. Part B involved changing the technical manuals based on the upgrades stated within this report. Part C of this contract is under separate cover and was to develop a long range plan and budget for dynamic biomechanical modeling. Part D was to assist with the NATO HFM Specialist Meeting entitled “Soldier Mobility: Innovations in Load Carriage System Design and Evaluation” held on 27-29 June 2000. Part D is de

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Load Carriage;Dynamic Biomechanical Modeling;Compliance Tester;Pressure Measurement System;Fastrak™;LC Simulator;Pack-person motion
Report Number
DRDC-TORONTO-CR-2005-115 — Contractor Report
Date of publication
01 Aug 2005
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