Hydrogel-Elastomer Composite Biomaterials: 2. Effects of Aging Methacrylated Gelatin Solutions on the Preparation and Physical Properties of Interpenetrating Polymer Networks


  1. Peng, H.T.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN)
This study was conducted to understand the effects of aging methacrylated gelatin solutions on the properties of gelatin-HydroThane™ Interpenetrating Polymer Network (IPN) films. The latter were prepared from methacrylated gelatin solutions that were either freshly made or stored at different concentrations and temperatures for various periods. The morphology, swelling stability and mechanical properties of the IPNs were then accordingly characterized. The IPNs prepared with aged solutions showed reduced phase separation; changes from a network-like structure to a continuous phase structure; higher swelling stabilities; and, higher elasticity under optimal aging conditions, compared to the IPN prepared with a fresh solution. Increases in viscosity and a phase transition of aged methacrylated gelatin solutions were also observed, presumably due to the physical structuring of methacrylated gelatin chains (e.g., formation of a helix structure), thus altering the resulting IPN characteristics. A better understanding of the effects of aging methacrylated gelatin solution on the formation and properties of gelatin-HydroThane™ IPNs would enable us to further develop our composite biomaterials for wound dressing applications.
Hydrogel;Elastomer;Aging;Interpenetrating Polymer Network
Report Number
DRDC-TORONTO-SL-2005-247 — Scientific Literature
Date of publication
30 Jan 2007
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Journal of Material Science: Material Medicine, no 18, 2007, p 1025-1035.
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