Public Security S&T Summer Symposium 2008: Enhancing Capability Through Transition and Exploitation

Symposium d’Été sur la S et T pour la Sécurité Publique: ACCROÎTRE Accroître la Capacité au Moyen de la Transition et de L’explotation


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Defence R&D Canada - Centre for Security Science, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
The Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) Centre for Security Science (CSS) is a joint endeavour between the Department of National Defence (DND) and Public Safety Canada. DRDC CSS was created in March 2006 to coordinate science and technology (S&T) that addresses national public safety and security objectives. DRDC CSS currently manages three programs: the CBRNE Research and Technology Initiative (CRTI), the Public Security Technical Program (PSTP), and the Canadian Police Research Centre (CPRC). Through these programs, investments are made in projects to address Canada’s ability to prevent, prepare for, respond to, andrecover from high-consequence public safety and security events.This year’s Public Security S&T Summer Symposium at the Sheraton in Edmonton, Alberta, will highlight the S&T tools and knowledge created by the CRTI project partners in the field of CBRNE research, as well as the new way forward for the PSTP and CPRC programs.Now in its seventh year, CRTI is a unique, cross-organizational program that has invested more than $200 million in S&T projects in the CBRNE domain. Projects fall into four categories: research and technology development (RD),technology acceleration (TA), technology demonstration (TD), and technology acquisition projects. Many of the projects have gained recognition within the S&T, national security, and public safety communities, and have enhanced Canada’s ability to respond to CBRNE hazards.The following

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Centre for Secuity Science;Summer Symposium;Proceedings;CBRNE;Bioterrorism;Chemical Decon;Radiological Detection;Personal Protection Equipment;Emergency Preparedness
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DRDC-CSS-SL-2008-03 — Scientific Literature
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09 Jun 2008
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