Defence S&T Strategy – Science and Technology for a Secure Canada

Stratégie S&T pour la Défense – Les Sciences et la Technologie au Service de la Sécurité du Canada


  1. Hillier, R.J.
  2. Elcock, W.P.D.
Corporate Authors
Chief of Defence Staff, Ottawa ONT (CAN);Deputy Minister, Department of National Defence, Ottawa ON (CAN);Assistant Deputy Minister (Science and Technology), Department of National Defence, Ottawa ON (CAN)
Due to a complex set of factors, nations and societies in the ÇcÇbst century are undergoing rapid change. As a result, new defence and national security challenges have arisen. In response to these challenges, the Canadian Forces are undergoing transformation. Science and Technology (S&T) can effectively support this transformation by contributing directly to the advancement of Canadian military capabilities. It enables superior situational awareness and decisive engagement across the increasingly complex spectrum of operations demanded of the Canadian Forces at home and abroad. The department's strong but selective defence S&T capability is essential to provide smart buyer and smart user advice, to share the burden of technology development with our allies, to avoid strategic surprise, to challenge existing doctrine and training, to envisage new concepts and doctrine, to develop and sustain essential military capabilities, weapon systems and supporting infrastructure, and to deliver these capabilities to the end-user - the Canadian Forces.

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01 Dec 2006
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