The Effect of Pressure and Time on Information Recall

Effet de la Pression et du Temps sur la Mémorisation de l’Information


  1. Morrison, J.B.
  2. Zander, J.K.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN);Shearwater Human Engineering, Vancouver BC (CAN)
Mine countermeasures divers are required to investigate mines located on the seabed. The diver is required to first locate, then to memorize details about the mine for later reporting to the dive supervisor. This study evaluated the effects of diving to 40 msw and elapsed time on the processing and recall of information. Ten divers viewed detailed images of mine-like objects on six occasions in air and in dives to 40 msw in a hyperbaric chamber. Divers were asked to report information at three elapsed time intervals: immediate, 5 minutes and 2 hours. Exposure to 40 msw resulted in a 13% decrement in information processing and recall (p<0.05). Information recall also decreased with elapsed time (p<0.05) and with the complexity of the information (p<0.05). After 2 hours, divers recalled only 69% of the information viewed at 40 msw compared with 90% on immediate recall; and after 2 hours divers recalled only 49% of the most detailed information. It is concluded that providing divers with technologies to aid in the collection of detailed information and to report information at the earliest possible time will increase the quality of the information transmitted by the diver.

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ergonomics;human engineering;underwater;diving;divers;immersion;hyperbaric;human systems interaction;HSI;information display;human performance;memory;recall;mine-like objects;mine counter measures;MCM
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DRDC-TORONTO-CR-2008-036 — Contractor Report
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01 Apr 2008
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