Defence S&T Symposium 2008 – Understanding the Human Dimension in 21st Century Conflict/Warfare: The Complexities of Human-with-Human Relationships

Colloque S&T pour la défense 2008 – Comprendre la dimension humaine dans les conflits/ la conduite de la guerre au XXI siècle: Les complexités des relations interhumaine


  1. White, O.
  2. Blazeski, S.
  3. Tikuisis, P.
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Defence Research and Development Canada, Ottawa Ont (CAN) Corporate Office;Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN)
The purpose of Defence S&T Symposium 2008 - part two of a three year series - was to further explore human-centric conflict issues. The 2007 Symposium challenged the S&T community to address these issues, which were captured within three conflict domains: Person-versus-Person, Person-versus-Nature, and Person-versus-Self. For 2008, the domain of Person-with-Person Partnership that focuses on a holistic approach to conflict resolution was added. Defence S&T Symposium 2008 ‘peeled back the onion’ and presented leading research that is beginning to resolve human-centric issues in the new and future security environment. Canada and the Canadian Forces have an unfamiliar adversary in a battlespace largely governed by ideology. There is an urgent requirement to improve the preparedness and protection of our frontline combatants, and we need an actionable understanding of the multi-organizational response to conflict. These three challenges define the key themes for this Symposium. Theme 1: Adversarial IntentPanellists explored the notion that the post Cold War era has seen a significant rise in transnational violence directed against Western interests. The provision of safe havens for terrorists in failed and failing states and the promulgation of extremist messaging via mass media, characterize some of the current challenges. Further, the media’s immediate and microscopic coverage of unintended actions (e.g., collateral damage) disproportionately undo great deeds in a ‘Hea

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2008 Defence Science and Technology Symposium Report
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DRDC-CORPORATE-TR-2008-004 — Technical Report
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26 Aug 2008
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