Human Views – Extensions to the Department of Defense Architecture Framework

Points de Vue Humains – Extensions au Cadre d'Architecture de Départment de la Défense


  1. Baker, K.
  2. Stewart, A.
  3. Pogue, C.
  4. Ramotar, R.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research and Development Canada, Ottawa Ont (CAN) Corporate Office;CAE Professional Services, Ottawa (ON)
The Collaborative Capability Definition, Engineering and Management (CapDEM) Technology Demonstration Project (TDP) has been exploring the concept of Capability Engineering (CE) which provides analytical rigour and traceability within a “System-of-Systems (S-of-S)” construct to support the execution of Capability Based Planning (CBP). CapDEM has invested significant effort into the integration of specific tools and processes to support CE and its relationship to the Defence Management System. Within this effort, the utility of the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) has been highlighted. Specifically, DoDAF assists the overall system design, evolutionary acquisition and interoperability within the US Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS), which is used to determine military capability requirements. A component of a capability that has increasingly drawn attention within the CapDEM team is how best to represent the human aspect of a capability within the S-of-S construct. DoDAF also has been recognized as lacking a suitably dominant human perspective. To that end, the concept of Human Views (HVs), which leverage Human System Integration (HSI) principles, has emerged. The activities and results presented in this report have progressed to ensure that Capability Engineering adequately addresses the people component in both method and substance. In this respect, the following activities have been completed: 1) A subset of Human Views, a

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DRDC-CORPORATE-CR-2008-001 — Contractor Report
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01 Sep 2008
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