Mobile Computer Workstation


  1. Fraser, R.J.
  2. Popovski, G.N.
Corporate Authors
Fraser Popovski Associates Inc, Markham ON (CAN);Canadian Police Research Centre, Ottawa Ont (CAN)
The company of Fraser, Popovski & Associates Inc was contracted to develop a common set of requirements for public safety agencies, in combination with a thorough industry review of current and emerging technologies. In order to accomplish this task, a survey of a large segment of the police and security community was conducted. The ensuing standard is intended to define the elements and performance of the equipment in order to facilitate compatibility and standardization without limiting the design approach of individual suppliers. This standard defines the requirements for a mobile workstation from a hardware perspective. The requirements for application software, wireless communication and connectivity through radio systems are considered to a limited extend. This standard defines a mobile workstation device as an MS-DOS compatible computer, for installation in a vehicle, with a primary function of being a mobile data communications device. Even though the main function of the workstation is to serve as an integral part of the vehicle's radio communications system, it must be removable as well as capable for use as a personal computer.
Police communication systems -- Standards;Mobile communication systems -- Standards;Police -- Equipment and supplies
Report Number
HV7936.C8;TR-04-1994E;TR-04-94 — Technical Report
Date of publication
01 Nov 1993
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