Data Element Standards for Police Information Systems


Corporate Authors
Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Ottawa ON (CAN) Police Information Technology Centre;Canadian Police Research Centre, Ottawa Ont (CAN)
The purpose of this work was to develop a comprehensive framework for the standard data elements; to develop proposed data element standards for the approval of the police communicty based on a survey of Canadian police system data elements, and to develop a computerized databased containing the proposed data element standards. The objective of the final product is to allow for the automated exchange of information between different police agencies. This document contains the data element standards approved by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Data Processing Committee at the Hamilton, Ontario meeting on September 10, 1989. The standards were adopted by the Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police on September 14, 1989 with the following motion: "The CACP Executive Committee adopts the data element standards for police information systems as a means of facilitating information exchange through the development of compatible automated information systems at municipal, provincial and federal levels of policing throughout Canada." The Advisory Committee of the Canadian Police Information Centre endorsed the Data Element Standard as CPIC policy on November 23, 1989.
Police -- Data processing -- Standards
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HV7936.A8;TR-04-1993E;TR-04-93 — Technical Report
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01 Nov 1989
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