Residential Break and Enter Expert System


  1. Brahan, J.
  2. Valcourt, L.
Corporate Authors
Canadian Police Research Centre, Ottawa Ont (CAN);National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa ONT (CAN);Ottawa Police Department, Ottawa ON (CAN)
The Ottawa Police Residential Break & Enter Expert System is a collaborative project with the Ottawa Police, the Canadian Police Research Centre and the Institute for Information Technology at the National Research Council of Canada. Residential break and enters are the focus of the expert system because of the volume and the low rate of solvency. The Expert system encodes rules of reasoning defined by police investigators for a given situation. To create an information data base a work sheet was developed. This computerized worksheet is made up of 232 break and enter characteristics and 176 suspect characteristics. The NRC team is responsible for the expert system development. Today the Ottawa police platoon officers have been trained to gather the information for the expert system. The possibility of integrating a "Geographical Information System" into the expert system would allow the analyst to use "proximity analysis" finding the actual distance of the incidents. The G.I.S. would also pin point the location of every break and enter. It is expected that the Ottawa Police expert system will become and extremely useful and valuable tool in their effort to provide the highest quality of service to the community they serve.
Burglary investigation -- Technological innovations;Burglary investigation
Report Number
HV6665.C2;TR-07-1993E;TR-07-93 — Technical Report
Date of publication
01 Oct 1993
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