Ottawa Police Department Strategic Information Management System


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ComnetiX Computer Systems Inc, Oakville ON (CAN);Canadian Police Research Centre, Ottawa Ont (CAN)
For some time, the Ottawa Police has been a national leader in the use of automation to promote safe, efficient and effective local police services to the public. As such, it has implemented an array of systems in the direct support of its line operations. The next large opportunity for benefit to the Ottawa Police from automation is in the realm of executive information systems. The motivation for these systems is clear. In an environment of fiscal restraint, the need for increased effectiveness at all levels of management is emphasized by the necessity for the introduction of additional programs without complementary budget adjustments. Also, the trend towards increased criminal sophistication and more widespread, insidious criminal activities due to such influences as drugs, the impact of the emerging swarm tactics of gangs, etc. is a major cause of concern. These issues bring increased pressure to bear on executives of local police forces in the areas of resource utilization, crime analysisand program cost justification. The opportunity is to use the data retained within the operational systems to yield valuable information that can assist the executive function. This project has been struck to tap the new computer technologies of window based systems to bring systems in support of the executive function through the processing of summary operational data.
Information storage and retrieval systems -- Police;Management information systems
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TR-07-1991E;HV7936.A8;TR-07-91 — Technical Report
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01 Mar 1991
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