London Police Automated Charge Sheet System


  1. Hill, J.
  2. Rosenberg, A.
Corporate Authors
Canadian Police Research Centre, Ottawa Ont (CAN);Praeda Management Systems Inc., London ON (CAN);Waterloo Regional Police Service, Cambridge ON (CAN)
The London Police Service in London, Ontario, developed an in-house system to produce court documents. The system was prepared specifically and solely for the London Police Service. Praeda Management Systems of (Praeda) London, Ontario, proposed a computerized court document preparation system to the National Research Council of Canada that is modifiable to the needs of any police service. The Industrial Research Assistance Program of the National Research Council of Canada, through the Canadian Police Research Centre, funded the technology transfer of the London In-Charge System to Praeda. A series of meetings defined the functional design specifications. Staff at Praeda Management Systems then selected the hardware, and operating system. The Waterloo Regional Police Service assisted Praeda with the work flow, information entry and types of documents. Upon completion of a series of test cases at Praeda, the system was installed for operational evaluation at Waterloo Regional Police Service Headquarters. The staff were trained in the system's use. Several cases were selected at random and the system produced the required court documents. The documents were accepted by the Waterloo region judicial system. The In-Charge System produced all the documentation required by the Courts, the Crown Attorney and the Police for a criminal charge to be brought before the courts. The system, as tested, is well designed, efficient, and reliable. The single user, stand alone system consists
Police -- Automation;Information storage and retrieval systems -- Police
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HV7936.A8;TM-02-94;TM-02-1994E — Technical Memorandum
Date of publication
01 Jun 1994
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