Protective Clothing for Hazardous Spills


  1. Papple, W.R.
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Canadian Police Research Centre, Ottawa Ont (CAN)
Police members occasionally have to secure the perimeter of a site of an incident where hazardous chemicals or other materials have been spilled. Normal uniform garments provide little or no protection from such materials. The members should have readily available a garment to put over their uniform in order to provide them with a moderate level of protection from chemical contact with the uniform or the skin. The objective of this project was to select and evaluate a sample of commercially available outer garments that provide protection from liquid or solid chemical spills. The garments were evaluated for comfort, ease of donning and removal, etc. The degree of protection offered by the protective barrier (i.e. Saranex, Tyvek, Chemrel, Neoprene or Gortex) of the above products was not tested by the CPRC nor any of the review agencies. Initial comments of reviewers were unanimous in one aspect -- all the suits except the Gortex suit were very hot to wear. The two suits made with Chemrel were found to be stiff, especially in cool weather. All the suits were suitable with regard to ease of donning and removal.
Police -- Equipment and supplies -- Evaluation;Protective clothing -- Evaluation
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TM-13-94;TM-13-1994E;HV7936.E7 — Technical Memorandum
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01 May 1994
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