Articulating Robot Arm Turret/Arm Development


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Canadian Bomd Data Centre, Ottawa ON (CAN);Canadian Police Research Centre, Ottawa Ont (CAN);Engineering Services Inc, Toronto ONT (CAN)
The Engineering Services Inc. (ESI) in collaboration with the Robotics and Automation Laboratory (RAL), Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Toronto in consultation with the RCMP's Explosive Disposal and Technology Branch completed a system analysis and conceptual design of the robot. This includes drawings of the robot chassis and drive system as well as the parameters obtained form manufacturers of various system components. Specifically, the study involves the electronics and communication subsystem, disposition of control electronics modules across the system, drive system parameters, batteries, and mechanical parameters of the chassis and wheels. The goal of the study was to determine how the arm under development will influence the overall stability of the system. Static and dynamic simulations of the overall system have been performed by the use of DADS program package. The results of simulation are used to predict the behaviour of the system in a variety of robot arm configurations. It has been shown that the minimum-weight design of the arm is needed to achieve maximum stability of the system. The second task involved the conceptual design of the robotic arm, disposition and types of actuators, finite-element stress analyses of links to minimize the mass and inertias, selection of materials, conceptual design of the wrist and the winding and payout system integration with existing chassis and turret. The conceptual design is based on the following CAD
Robots -- Motion;Robots -- Control systems
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TM-15-1994E;TJ211.4;TM-15-94 — Technical Memorandum
Date of publication
01 Mar 1994
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