The Canadian Police Research Centre's Technology Platform Program


  1. Arnold, J. G.
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Canadian Police Research Centre, Ottawa Ont (CAN)
Technology platforms are best described as a systematic process for new research ideas, new products (actual and proposed) and the evaluation of technology for the Canadian police community. The CPRC acts as the interface between industry and the police when introducing new technology that may benefit the police community. Once a prototype is developed operational input leads to a better product. This not only benefits the Canadian police community but industry as well. Technology platforms look at technological and operational challenges that the Canadian police community faces daily. The same police technical problems exist in many jurisdictions. By focusing and sharing ideas at the CPRC police needs can be efficiently addressed. By pooling resources, the participants share the risk in terms of new product development. They also get valuable input resulting in a product that they want. Police departments participation in the development of police equipment will ease the technological challenges that they currently face. A "Technology platform" member contributes to the advancement of industry and technology for the benefit and protection of Canadians. Canadian police are invited to participate in this process.
Police -- Equipment and supplies -- Evaluation
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TM-07-93;HV7936.E7;TM-07-1993E — Technical Memorandum
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01 Oct 1993
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