Video Image Booking System


  1. Papple, W.R.
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Canadian Police Research Centre, Ottawa Ont (CAN)
A pilot project began in May 1992, with O.C.S. Technologies Ltd. and the Richmond, B.C. Detachment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which culminated in the development of a computerized system to replace traditional prisoner booking methods. The system is based on technology that enables one to capture a photographic image with a video camera and to then attach this image to a data file. The system thus permits law enforcement agencies to place digitized "mug shots" on forms used by the criminal justice community. The traditional method of taking prisoner photographs (35 mm photography) and the manual collection of relevant personal data is becoming outdated. Photography is a labour intensive and expensive process. Camera failure, photographer error and the delay while the film is being processed all contribute to inefficiencies. Handwritten completion (and subsequent typing) of data forms also contribute the overall unsuitability of the traditional system. The VIBS computerized system fully overcomes all the shortcomings of traditional manual prisoner booking methods. The system's data input screens are fully bilingual. The system contains a practice mode for training purposes. The VIBS presently has the following main features: - Prisoner/suspect photography: the system allows a police officer to capture and store a video image of the suspect or prisoner. Prints of the image are immediately available for examination to ensure the image is suitable. Copies of the image
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TM-13-1993E;TR267;TM-13-93 — Technical Memorandum
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01 Jan 1993
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