Optimizing Vehicle Off-Road Assessment & Management at Canadian Manoeuver Training Centre


  1. Kaluzny, B.L.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Centre for Operational Research and Analysis, Ottawa ON (CAN);Directorate Materiel Group Operational Research, Ottawa Ont (CAN)
Canadian Forces Base/Area Support Unit Wainwright, Alberta is the home of the Canadian Manoeuver Training Centre, the national centre of excellence for collective training. All CF units that deploy on operations to Afghanistan come to Canadian Forces Base Wainwright to train as formed groups prior to deploying. The base supplies the vehicles required for their training experience. The Canadian Forces Base Wainwright Maintenance Workshop Commander is responsible for ensuring operational fitness of the vehicle fleet and advises the Canadian Manoeuver Training Centre Training Authority on vehicle condition. Mid-exercise vehicle sampling (inspection) is employed to assess the vehicle off-road rate. The challenge is to optimize the process to minimize the resources (maintenance crew) required to give timely and sound feedback to the Training Authority, and to develop the capability to predict end-of-exercise vehicle off-road rates based on mid-exercise sampling. This study develops tools that enable the Maintenance Workshop Commander to quantify and justify the vehicle fleet readiness. A stratified random sampling model is proposed. The optimal sample size is calculated for the desired confidence and precision levels. Vehicle off-road inference and projection models are developed using probability theory and simulation. Mathematical optimization is used to optimize resource allocation and vehicle readiness for subsequent exercises.

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National Procurement (Materiel);Canadian Manoeuver Training Centre;CMTC;Integer Linear Program;Vehicle off-road rates;VOR Inference calculator;Stratified sampling;Sample size;Fleet readiness;Repair
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DRDC-CORA-TR-2007-023 — Technical Report
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01 Dec 2007
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