Trust Violation and Repair (12oe) – Project Summary and Closeout Report

Abus de Confiance et Restauration de la Confiance – Résumé et Rapport Définitif du Projet


  1. Thompson, M.M.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN)
The purpose of the current report is to summarize the work conducted within Project 12oe ‘Trust Violation and Repair’. The report begins with a review of the project objectives and provides some background as to the genesis of the work conducted within this project. The major pieces of work undertaken within this project are outlined as are the major findings from each of these milestones. These include a measure validation study completing the development of the Trust in Teams Scale and the Trust in Leaders Scale. Three empirical studies on the nature of trust violation and repair, one investigating the phenomenon of category-based trust (i.e., swift trust), violations and repair in distributed teams, with a further study exploring similar trust dynamics in culturally diverse teams. As well, this project involved the development of trust violation scenarios relevant to a military (infantry) context. Knowledge Transfer aspects of the work conducted within this project, including two publications with the Canadian Forces Leadership Institute and international dissemination of the trust measures are also outlined. I conclude with lessons learned and suggestions for future research within this area.

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Trust Violation and Repair;Project Summary
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DRDC-TORONTO-TM-2008-089 — Technical Memorandum
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26 May 2008
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