The preparation and evaluation of dynamically vulcanized thermoplastic elastomeric materials based on polyamide and butyl rubber polymers


  1. Van Dyke, J.D.
  2. Gnatowski, M.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Suffield, Ralston ALTA (CAN);Trinity Western Univ, Langley BC (CAN);Polymer Engineering Co Ltd, Burnaby BC (CAN)
This report presents the results of blending experiments over a two year period on dynamically vulcanized polyamide / chlorobutyl blends. The objective was to prepare sufficient quantities of blends in the range of 30 – 40% Nylon by dynamic vulcanization, utilizing the optimum type and levels of vulcanization agents and process conditions, to allow a comparison of properties between injection molded, extruded (both machine and transverse direction), and compression molded specimens. Two curing systems were used – a sulphur and zinc oxide/ZDEDC system. In addition to mechanical properties the response to solvent attack (swelling index and % insolubles), resistance to penetration/re-emission of chemical warfare agents, as well as microscopy on selected samples were tested and compared under different methods of processing. To ascertain the effect of orientation on mechanical properties an identical die was used for samples made by injection molding, compression molding, and extrusion. Type M3 specimens were cut from injection molded bars to allow a direct comparison of properties between molded and cut M3 specimens. The mechanical results indicate dramatic differences between specimens produced under various conditions, and there is a strong indication that orientation has a very large effect on the properties of the blends. Initial work was also conducted on the modification and reinforcement of both phases of the blend (Nylon and butyl rubber) with nanoclay. Materials pro
Polyamide 12;chlorobutyl rubber;swelling index;microstructure;tensile strength;elongation at break;hardness;resistance to penetration;re-emission;Mustard gas;HD;2,2’-dichloroethyl sulfide;Dynamic vulcanization
Report Number
DRDC-SUFFIELD-CR-2008-210 — Contractor Report
Date of publication
01 Jun 2008
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