Biomechanical evaluation of headwear system prototypes using digital modeling

Évaluation biomécanique de prototypes d’un système de casque faisant appel à la modélisation numérique


  1. McKee, K.W.
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Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN);Humansystems Inc, Guelph ONT (CAN)
For the Soldier Integrated Headwear System Technology Demonstration (SIHS TD) program, biomechanical studies were undertaken for the various headwear system prototypes using digital modeling. The software program Digital Biomechanics by Boston Dynamics was used to assess the difference between the mass properties of prototype Alpha through Delta while being benchmarked against the current in-service Canadian helmet (CG634), the current in-service United States Marine Corps (USMC) helmet, and the human head alone. Comparisons of overall mass, Centre of Mass (CM) location, Range of Motion (ROM), static positions, and dynamic simulations were completed in a virtual environment. Results showed that the overall mass should be taken into careful consideration when designing an integrated headwear system. Results also confirmed that it is highly important to place the CM as close as possible to the preferred CM location, in order to reduce muscle fatigue and the forces and moments experienced by the soldier during typical infantry tasks. It was also found that for best results, equipment should be mounted as close to the head as possible. When comparing the digital prototypes, concept Alpha consistently exerted the least amount of biomechanical loading likely due to its lighter weight and the CM position being close to the preferred position. Concept Delta was consistently the second-best of the prototypes, likely due to the CM position being the closest to the preferred position. B

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SIHS;Soldier Integrated Headwear System;Digital Biomechanics;mass properties;CG634;helmet;Centre of Mass;Range of Motion;digital modeling;biomechanical modeling;USMC light weight helmet
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DRDC-TORONTO-CR-2007-064 — Contractor Report
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01 May 2007
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