A Training Study of the Hercules Observer Trainer


  1. Grant, S.C.
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Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN)
The Canadian Forces (CF) operates aircraft in theatres where they are threatened by missiles and gunfire. Timely, coherent and accurate reporting of the threats is vital to defeating them. A training device called the Hercules Observer Trainer (HOT) was developed to support the training of surface-to-air threat reporting. To validate the simulation and determine its training effectiveness, an experiment employing 16 CF air crewmembers was conducted at CFB Trenton. Half of the experimental subjects were qualified tactical aircrew and were deemed experts at making threat calls. The other half consisted of students on a CC-130 Basic Loadmaster course who had not yet qualified as loadmasters on the CC-130 and were deemed novices. Both groups of subjects completed two sessions of making threat calls against 26 surface to air missile and 24 anti-aircraft artillery threats. In the first session, experts made more accurate and more syntactically correct threat calls than novices. By the end of the second session, both groups showed improved accuracy and syntax over their earlier levels of performance, and the performance of the novices was equivalent to that of the experts. It is concluded that the HOT is a valid simulation of the threat call task, that students can use the HOT to learn the task, and that the training is transferrable to the operational environment. It is recommended that HOT be considered for operational training in the CC-130 community. It is further recommended th

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Hercules Observer Trainer (HOT);training;threat calls;Canadian Forces;CC-130
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DRDC-TORONTO-TR-2009-008 — Technical Report
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01 Apr 2009
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