DRDC Toronto guidelines for compensation of subjects participating in research studies


  1. Duncan, M.
  2. Eaton, D.
  3. Hendriks, T.
  4. Keefe, A.
  5. McLellan, T.M.
  6. Michas, R.D.
  7. Thompson, M.M.
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Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN)
DRDC Toronto is the Agency’s research centre that provides guidance, innovation and knowledge about the human’s response to the complex and stressful environments that impact CF members in preparation for, during and following humanitarian, peace-keeping and warfighting operations. The Agency has invested in DRDC Toronto to ensure that we can simulate and study these responses with human experimentation conducted by our scientists during in-house laboratory or field experimentation. Central to this capability is the need to recruit subjects, both military and civilian, that are willing to experience certain degrees of stress that are beyond what they would experience during their normal day, and/or that are willing to commit the time for participation that enables the study to be completed in an appropriate time-frame. New consolidated guidelines were needed to establish consistent and transparent procedures for generating rates of compensation that would still enable free and informed consent to be obtained according to Tri-Council Policy guidelines. The new guidelines are intended to be applicable for all studies involving human subjects at DRDC Toronto and perhaps could be extended, in principle, across the Agency. The report includes the rationale behind the development of these new guidelines together with examples of how to use the spreadsheet that will be available for all scientific and technical staff to apply to their studies.

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human ethics, stress allowances, Tri-Council policy, informed consent
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DRDC-TORONTO-TM-2008-138 — Technical Memorandum
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01 Sep 2008
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