The Maple Leaf Readership Survey 2008


  1. Williams, L.
Corporate Authors
Director General Military Personnel Research & Analysis, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
The Maple Leaf/La Feuille d’érable, first published in January 1998, is the flagship newspaper of the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces under the authority of ADM Public Affairs (ADM(PA)). In 2008, DMPORA administered The Maple Leaf Readership Survey 2008 as an electronic survey to examine The Maple Leaf’s current readership as well as to evaluate respondents’ opinions about The Maple Leaf’s distribution, content and format. One thousand and twenty-three (1023) valid surveys were completed. Over four-fifths of respondents indicated that they were somewhat or very familiar with The Maple Leaf. Many respondents who indicated familiarity with The Maple Leaf read it on a weekly or monthly basis, although not all do so. The most commonly read sections of The Maple Leaf overall are the Army pages and the Military Personnel pages. Respondents believed that The Maple Leaf should always contain articles regarding operations both within Canada as well as abroad. Furthermore, respondents across all groups believed that articles on benefits and services and details on new equipment were also important to be included on a regular basis. Recommendations included increasing the number of articles on operations and personal accomplishments, as well as other areas of interest, and also ensuring that its articles contain sufficient depth, breadth and appear in a timely fashion.

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DGMPRA-TN-2009-013 — Technical Note
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01 Aug 2009
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