Dynamic Network Analysis for Understanding Complex Systems and Processes


  1. Prestov, I.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Centre for Operational Research and Analysis, Ottawa ON (CAN)
Many complex systems and processes of interest to defence are characterized by varying topologies that can be modeled as Complex Dynamical Networks with nodes representing entities and links representing relationships among those entities. Complex Dynamical Networks give a flexible, powerful and useful representation of structural changes in such systems. Unfortunately, the theoretical aspects of these network classes remain largely unexplored. Dynamic Network Analysis provides an approach and a tool to deal with such cases of practical significance in spite of the lack of theoretical knowledge regarding structural dynamics. The presented technical memorandum conducts a detailed analysis of this approach, its major concept - the metanetwork, and a software tool that implements it. The significance of Dynamic Network Analysis for modelling multi-relational data, visualizing networks, and identifying hidden links is demonstrated on two examples. The first example shows how the metanetwork representation can be used to gain additional insight into the national survey data on complexity research in Canada. The second example illustrates the application of Dynamic Network Analysis to modelling the capability engineering process. A new modelling framework for the identification of capability gaps in terms of people’s expertise is suggested in this example. The proposed modelling framework will be useful in large multi-disciplinary S&T projects.

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DRDC-CORA-TM-2009-020 — Technical Memorandum
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01 Jul 2009
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