Data Analysis of Joint Command Decision Support – Pegasus Guardian Experiment 1


  1. Breton, R.
  2. Guitouni, A.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Valcartier, Valcartier QUE (CAN)
This technical report presents the results obtained during the Pegasus Guardian Experiment (PG EX) in the Joint Command Decision Support for the 21st Century Technology Demonstrator (JCDS 21 TD) project. The goal of the first JCDS 21 TD experiment was to analyze the command and control and intelligence and information (C2I2) management processes of an operational joint headquarters in response to a major domestic event. In particular, reactive C2I2 processes in response to requests for assistance, requests for transfer of authority and the development and maintenance of situational awareness were examined. Therefore, this first event aimed at assessing existing CF processes, procedures and C2 applications to support time-sensitive decision-making when dealing with domestic operations. An Olympic 2010 scenario was used to simulate a complex decision-making situation in which decision makers are overloaded with information. This scenario was part of the PG EX run by the Canadian Forces Experimentation Centre (CFEC) in support of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Integrated Security Unit (RCMP ISU) for the 2010 Olympics. Independent of the CFEC experiment, the metrics used with the Joint Task Force Games (JTFG) cell allowed the JCDS 21 TD team members to validate their initial knowledge management and decision support concepts and technologies with respect to organizational and individual factors, situational awareness and operations planning and execution.

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DRDC-VALCARTIER-TR-2009-005 — Technical Report
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01 Oct 2009
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