Red Dawn: The Emergence of a Red Teaming Capability in the Canadian Forces

La venue des équipes rouges: apparition d’une nouvelle capacité au sein des Forces canadiennes


  1. Lauder, M.A.
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Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN)
The concept of red teaming is not new and the use of red teams by the public and private sectors are well document. However, while there is a legacy of red teaming, it remains a developing and evolving concept with numerous definitions. Unlike the US military, the Canadian Forces does not have a program to train red team members in the proper application and utility of the function, nor has it formalized the concept in doctrine. In fact, much of the red teaming performed in the Canadian Forces is ad hoc. However, the state of red teaming in the Canadian Forces is about to change. Owing largely to the success of red teaming in the US Army, red teaming has become a hot topic in the Canadian defence and security community. As a result, efforts are underway to explore, formalize, and professionalise the concept and capability in the Canadian Forces. This paper has two goals: (1) to briefly identify and explore examples of red teaming from across the private and public sectors; and (2) by drawing upon these examples, to outline the characteristics of red teaming and propose an integrated, and working, definition of red teaming for possible use by the Canadian Forces.

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Red teaming;simulation;adversary;role-playing;tiger teams;peer review;alternative analysis;Team B analysis;Devil's advocate;ethical hacking;decision-support;Canadian Forces.
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DRDC-TORONTO-SL-2009-077 — Scientific Literature
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01 Oct 2009
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