Requirements of a Strategic Readiness System


  1. Cooper, A.
  2. Fraser, J.
  3. Housken, E.
  4. Price, J.
  5. Tulk, P.
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Defence R&D Canada - Centre for Operational Research and Analysis, Ottawa ON (CAN);CALIAN Communications Systems Ltd, Kanata ONT (CAN)
As part of the post-transformation effort to re-vitalize doctrine and direction at the Canadian Forces (CF) strategic level, the Strategic Joint Staff developed a CF Readiness Framework which will provide the Chief of Defence Staff and senior management in the Department of National Defence with the tools to understand and to manage CF operational readiness. This leads initially to a two-step process in determining the requirements for a strategic level system. The first is to gather an appreciation of the existing reporting systems – Land, Maritime, Aerospace, Operational Support and Military Personnel. The second is to explore the strengths and weaknesses of those systems and thereby develop broad requirements for a strategic readiness management system. The existing Force Generator reporting systems do what they are meant to do, that is, simply report a Commander’s assessment of whether or not his units are ready to do their assigned Defence Tasks. Unfortunately, the approaches used differ to the point that detailed comparison of the existing systems is not practicable. The second step in the process provided a number of key assessments that would drive development of a system to support three objectives: Making decisions for current operations; Reviewing standing readiness levels of current forces against the demands of today’s world, that is, that the Capability Statements are still current and correctly structured; and Using predictive data to look ahead for the m

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01 Dec 2009
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