Développements numériques en interaction fluide-structure appliqués aux ailes oscillantes flexibles


  1. Olivier, M.
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Defence R&D Canada - Valcartier, Valcartier QUE (CAN);Laval Univ, Quebec QUE (CAN) Departement de Genie Mecanique
This thesis presents a study of 2D flexible flapping airfoils using a fluid-structure interaction solver. The governing equations associated to elastic solids with large deformations but small strains, and to incompressible fluids are presented in the context of the unified theory of continuous media. The fluid-structure interaction solver is implemented in the OpenFOAM software. The fluid-structure coupling is handled by an iterative partitioned algorithm where each field (the solid and the fluid) are treated separately. The spatial discretization is achieved with the segregated finite-volume method for both fields. The fluid module implements the Navier-Stokes equations using a SIMPLE algorithm whereas the solid module implements the St. Venant Kirchhoff constitutive law in a Lagrangian formulation where nonlinear and component-coupled terms are treated iteratively in a fixed point manner. Typical test simulations are carried out and results are found to be in good agreement with literature and with results from other software. Finally, some results of flexible flapping wings simulations are presented. These results show that the solver is well suited for this kind of application. Furthermore, the analysis of the results provides information on the impact of dimensionless parameters on the physics of flexible flapping wings. It is shown that, in most cases, deformations associated to dynamic pressure are beneficent for thrust and efficiency whereas deformations caused by in

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DRDC-VALCARTIER-CR-2009-399 — Contractor Report
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01 Nov 2009
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