Canadian Forces Education and Training for Interagency Operational Contexts

Éducation et instruction des Forces canadiennes pour les contextes opérationnels interorganisationnels


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  2. Hall, C.D.T.
  3. Adams, B.D.
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To meet the need for a comprehensive approach to operations, the Canadian government initiated a new strategy for international military operations. Originally called the 3D + C (Defence, Diplomacy, Development + Commerce) approach, and now referred to as the ‘Whole of Government’ (WoG) or ‘Team Canada’, this approach involves laying out a coherent strategy and policy for any given mission that includes the integration and coordination of multiple government departments and agencies, including Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT), Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Correctional Services of Canada (CSC), and the CF. The goal of this integrated and collaborative WoG approach is to more effectively achieve national goals in international operations as all of the actors bring something to bear on the mission. Similarly, Director of Land Concepts and Doctrine (DLCD) has referred to the capacity to seamlessly integrate CF activities with other entities, i.e., the Joint, Interagency, Multinational and Public (JIMP) framework, as a key enabler to ensure mission success in an increasingly complex land environment. One potential challenge facing the CF is preparing its members to work in the JIMP framework. Unlike past missions, current CF operations must be construed in terms of security as well as development and diplomacy, requiring the integration of many diverse organizations. In response to the

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Canadian Forces;Education;Training;Interagency Operational Contexts
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