Broadband cluster transducer for underwater acoustics applications


  1. Fleming, R.A.G.
  2. Jones, D.F
  3. Reithmeier, C.G.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Atlantic, Dartmouth NS (CAN)
A broadband cluster transducer, based on barrel-stave flextensional transducer technology, was designed, built, and tested in air and seawater at Defence R&D Canada-Atlantic. The design goal was to develop a transducer that exhibited a transmitting voltage response of greater than 120 dB//1 µPa-m/V from 1 to 7 kHz and have the potential for beamsteering. Six orthogonal piezoceramic-driven class I barrel-stave transducer elements mounted on a central manifold were wired separately, allowing each to be driven individually or in combination with the other elements. The resonance modes under the following drive conditions were determined from in-air conductance measurements: each of the six elements excited individually as mass-loaded class I flextensionals, three collinear pairs driven separately as class III flextensionals, and all six elements driven in phase simultaneously. The fully-driven cluster was found to have a transmitting voltage response of greater than 120 dB//1 µPa-m/V from 800 Hz to more than 10 kHz and its topology is amenable to beamsteering that is yet to be characterized.
Report Number
DRDC-ATLANTIC-SL-2008-263 — Scientific Literature
Date of publication
01 Aug 2009
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Reprinted from
J. Acoust. Soc. Am., vol 126, no 5, 2009, p 2285-2293
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