Analytical Tool for Force Planning Scenarios User Guide Version 2.0


  1. Cochran, L.
  2. Hales, D.
  3. Race, P.
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Defence R&D Canada - Centre for Operational Research and Analysis, Ottawa ON (CAN);CAE Professional Services, Ottawa (ON)
Force Planning Scenarios serve as the key input to conducting capability-based planning and force development efforts. As such, the characterization and selection of these scenarios warrants the application of available analytical tools and techniques to ensure an objective and defensible scenario set. To meet these needs, a force planning scenario framework and methodology was developed, identifying the most relevant dimensions of force planning scenarios to support analysis and development. In an effort to apply this framework for characterizing force planning scenarios, a desktop software application was developed. This contractor report serves as a user’s guide to this desktop software application. It provides a detailed description of the tool’s main functions and instructions on its use. It is anticipated that this document be read in conjunction with the contractor report (DRDC CORA CR 2010-17) that more thoroughly describes the framework and methodology, “Development of a Framework for Force Planning Scenarios.” This document covers the second iteration of the Force Planning Scenario analytical tool, and covers the additional functions of extending and comparing frameworks. This document is covered in two volumes. The first volume provides guidance to standard tool users. The second volume covers the programming background of the Force Planning Scenario analytical tool.

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DRDC-CORA-CR-2010-113 — Contractor Report
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01 Jun 2010
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