Requirements definition for 12pz18 UAV control simulator


  1. Meakin, M.
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Defence R&D Canada - Ottawa, Ottawa ONT (CAN);InnUVative Systems Inc, Ottawa Ont (CAN)
DRDC Ottawa has developed over the past several years a very capable Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) Research Test Bed (RTB) that provides a simulated UAV environment for a variety of UAV-related experiments. This tool is well suited to support the goals of the DRDC TIF Project “Self-Healing Networked Control Systems for Enhanced Reliability and Safety of Multivehicle Missions.” The objectives of this project are to develop and evaluate a variety of self-healing methodologies as applied to a UAV team. These include stigmergy to address the loss of communications as well as algorithms to coordinate search missions under varying conditions. This particular effort focused on identifying the necessary modifications to the UAV RTB to support of this research. The final result was: the development of two distinct, realistic and challenging search scenarios within which the self-healing UAV swarm may be run; the development of a full set of requirements needed to be supported by the UAV RTB to support the defined scenarios; and the creation of a high level design that not only supports those scenarios within the UAV RTB but also supports the third party development of the various algorithms and controls that are the goal of the experiment.

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DRDC-OTTAWA-CR-2010-092 — Contractor Report (Final Report)
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01 Aug 2010
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