Design and development of an advanced physical layer mobile WiMAX network simulation environment


  1. Szeker, B.
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Defence R&D Canada - Ottawa, Ottawa ONT (CAN);New Technologies Inc, Kanata Ont (CAN)
This report details and summarizes the work performed in developing an advanced computer simulation environment of the physical layer of a mobile WiMAX network. Since the work of WiMAX modeling first began in April of 2008, several developmental computer simulation models were created of increasing complexity, the results of which were published in previous reports. The knowledge gained through these earlier simulation efforts was incorporated into the current simulation environment version. The current version of the simulation environment further refines the models previously developed with the addition of new functionalities. Based on developmental tests performed in the laboratory, some important features were incorporated into the simulation model. These included the implementation of a subcarrier rotation scheme, the addition of convolutional turbo coding, and the inclusion of media access control layer protocol data units for management messages. The simulation model was verified to be in accordance with the WiMAX standard using the Agilent vector signal generator and signal analyzer. The computer simulation described in this report models both the physical layer and part of the media access layer of a WiMAX network. The report describes the software architecture to provide a better understanding of its components and includes detailed instructions on how to setup and run the simulation.

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DRDC-OTTAWA-CR-2010-121 — Contractor Report (Final contract report)
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01 Aug 2010
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