A Literature Review of Corrosion Sensing Methods


  1. Rinaldi, G.
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Defence R&D Canada - Atlantic, Dartmouth NS (CAN)
Corrosion monitoring, detection and remediation are of particular importance for military vehicles and infrastructure due to the long operational life-cycle of these assets. In this regard, corrosion is a problem that is growing not only because of the increasing number of military assets, but also due to the increasing number that are aging and nearing the end of their operational life-cycle. Even for newer equipment, corrosion can be a significant problem because of the harsh operational environments often encountered. Hence, as military systems age, corrosion becomes one of the largest cost inflators in the life-cycle costs of military systems. Therefore, cost effective life-cycle management of military assets requires a systematic health monitoring approach to prevent and control corrosion. In this respect, nondestructive evaluation (NDE) and nondestructive inspection (NDI) play important roles in this effort, particularly by monitoring, detecting and reporting the early signs of corrosion before the damage becomes significant. This report presents a literature review of corrosion monitoring technologies and applications with a particular emphasis on aerospace materials and structures.

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DRDC-ATLANTIC-TM-2009-082 — Technical Memorandum
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01 Sep 2009
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