A summary of proceedings for the Advanced Deployable Day/Night Simulation Symposium


  1. Niall, K.K.
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Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN)
The Advanced Deployable Day/Night Simulation (ADDNS) Technology Demonstration Project was initiated to design, develop, and deliver transportable visual simulations that jointly provide night-vision and high-resolution daylight capability. The project includes research and development on deployable display technologies for realistic day and night training operations, extends the knowledge of human factors with night vision devices, and the ability to represent dangerous or extreme scenarios for day and night operations in general. On November 13th and 14th 2007 the Advanced Deployable Day/Night Simulation Technical Demonstration Project held a symposium at Defence Research Development Canada in Toronto. Many contributions were made by professionals in the fields of human factors, image generation, projection technologies, and photogrammetry. The abstracts of papers presented at the symposium are in this technical report, in both official languages. The intent of this effort is to aid operational readiness by advancing the visual simulation capabilities of training simulators so that they can be deployed for mission rehearsal. This objective can be achieved by developing high-resolution, multi-spectral visual simulation capabilities that integrate advancements of laser projection technology, and physics-based modelling of night vision devices with terrain representations that can incorporate reconnaissance data.

Il y a un résumé en français ici.

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DRDC-TORONTO-TR-2009-121 — Technical Report
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01 Jul 2009
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