A sizing strategy for the Advanced Modular Multi-threat Protective Headwear System

Une stratégie pour l'établissement d'un système de grandeurs de casque AMMPHS


  1. Meunier, P.
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Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN)
The AMMPHS TDP aims to “provide improved blast, ballistic, and impact protection as well as modular and scalable coverage for mounted and dismounted operations”. New concepts are being proposed to achieve this and the challenges are numerous from materials to design aspects. One of the challenges facing this project is to ensure that the helmet system will fit its intended population and provide the degree of coverage and protection required. A new tool was created that condensed a large amount of 3D laser scan and made it easily accessible. This new tool provides a glimpse into the internal structure of the data and provides unparalleled knowledge of the main modes of variation of CF heads. From this, a set of design head forms were derived that capture about 50% of this variability and allows designers to build-in the necessary adjustments. While the proposed strategy captures roughly 50% of the variability, the next step would be to examine a few more of the principal components, assess their relevance to the design of AMMPHS, and compare the head forms generate in this way with the ones proposed herein. The goal would be to determine whether they provide additional information.

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anthropometry, AMMPHS
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DRDC-TORONTO-TM-2008-176 — Technical Memorandum
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10 Jun 2010
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