QUEST Q319 Sea Trial Summary and Wave Data Fusion Analysis


  1. Stredulinsky, D.C.
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Defence R&D Canada - Atlantic, Dartmouth NS (CAN)
A sea trial (Q319) was conducted on CFAV QUEST between 25 November and 5 December 2008, at locations 250 to 300 km south to southeast of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. One purpose of the trial was to test a ‘Shipboard Wave Data Fusion’ (SWDF) procedure to obtain accurate directional wave spectra and wave statistics from shipboard systems. This report gives a detailed description of the sea trial and then presents the results of the analysis of wave data, comparing measurements from a TRIAXYS wave buoy, two TRIAXYS Mini wave buoys, a WaMoS II wave radar, and the SWDF procedure. The SWDF algorithm employed a comparison of measured and predicted ship motions to improve the radar wave height measurements. The TRIAXYS and TRIAXYS Mini buoy measurements, on average showed good agreement, meeting the manufacturer’s specifications. From run to run there were some differences which have been attributed to uncertainties in sampling of random seaways with spatial and temporal variation, with buoys ranging from 2 km to 40 km apart. While the wave radar usually provided good wave direction and frequency data, it gave very poor height measurements. It is not clear if the large errors (-50% to over 200%) in radar wave heights were specific to the installation on QUEST or more generally related to the use of wave radar on moving platforms in waves. The SWDF algorithm greatly improved the radar wave height measurements. The average error in SWDF significant wave height (Hs), c

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DRDC-ATLANTIC-TM-2010-051 — Technical Memorandum
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01 Apr 2010
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