A DRDC Management Accountability Framework – Results of Cycle 2

Un cadre de responsabilisation de gestion pour RDDC – Résultats du cycle 2


  1. Baroni, J.A.
  2. Nethercote, W.C.E.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Atlantic, Dartmouth NS (CAN);Dalhousie Univ, Halifax, NS (CAN) School of Public Administration
Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC), a special operating agency of the Department of National Defence, contracted Dalhousie University to support the development of a management accountability framework (MAF) as part of DRDC’s EXPEDITION 09 organizational change project. The DRDC MAF used the Treasury Board Secretariat MAF as a model, with Expectations, Indicators and Measures tiers. In Cycle 2 of the contract, full Indicator and Measures tiers were developed, and the Expectations tier developed in Cycle 1 was refined. In Cycle 2, two pilot studies were conducted using web-based surveys of the DRDC management cadre. The first pilot of Cycle 2 evaluated the Risk Management and Accountability elements. The second pilot of Cycle 2 evaluated Policy and Programs and Service elements, and re-evaluated the Stewardship element from Cycle 1. The results of the pilot studies confirm the feasibility of the survey-based approach and provide a partial first assessment of DRDC’s organizational performance against indicators for the elements of the proposed DRDC MAF.

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Management Accountability Framework;Accountability;Risk Management;Service;Stewardship;Human Resource Management;Policy and Programs;Survey
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DRDC-ATLANTIC-CR-2009-135 — Contractor Report
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01 Sep 2009
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