Blast Testing of Visors Used for Humanitarian Demining


  1. Fawcett, C.
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Defence R&D Canada - Suffield, Ralston ALTA (CAN)
This article discusses experimental results from blast testing of Security Devices Ltd. polycarbonate visors used by humanitarian deminers. Visors used in the blast testing fell into one of three categories: new visors, manually scratched visors, and scratched and heat-gun-repaired visors. Results show that the visors in all three categories failed to meet the draft international standard for blast testing1 relevant at the time, that further research is required to establish pressure profiles for the standard charge size being tested, and that the proposed heat- treatment method does appear to degrade the blast resistance of the visor used in the test. In 2007, the Director of the Canadian Centre for Mine Action Technologies received a request to investigate a potentially promising heat-treatment process to extend the operational life of humanitarian-deminer visors through removal of scratches from the field of view. The heat-treatment procedure was developed by undergraduate students as part of a product-design course and was published in The Journal of Mine Action. The authors of that article noted that further testing would be required to determine whether the visor properties were adversely affected by the scratch-repair procedure. In order to allow for an independent assessment of the technique, the authors provided a detailed outline of the procedure in the article that readers could follow independently.
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DRDC-SUFFIELD-SL-2009-058 — Scientific Literature
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07 Jun 2011
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